Our services include transfers to/from
all Israeli airports, VIP services at
Ben-Gurion Airport, Israeli tours up to 6 persons.

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Chauffeured Services

Chauffeured services are a type of taxi services in Israel. They are more than just transport from point A to B.  They are an elegant sort of movement by road. The following features of these services is why you should think of hiring them when you visit Israel  

Excellent and reliable transport services

Chauffeured services are an excellent and reliable form of taxi services in Israel.  You can hire a these services for a day or hour depending on your transport needs in Israel.  The chauffeurs will give you a VIP service.  You are free to check out emails, talk on phone, browse and do other stuff on your phone, laptop or tablet while you are being driven. 

Transfer to and from all airports in Israel

With the chauffeured services, transportation services in Israel especially to and from the airports are excellent.  In addition to the to-and-from airport transport service, the chauffeured services also include point-2-point transportation. You are guaranteed security and privacy while these services are being offered. 

Daily services

The Israeli chauffeured services are offered daily as directed for the executives as well as road shows.  It does not matter whether it is during the summer or winter, you will get the ideal chauffeured transfer services that will make your Israel tour, trip, holiday or vacation the best in your life time. 

Elegant Tours 

The chauffeur services are the best if you are searching for the best transportation services in Israel for your tour of this Biblical ‘Holy Land’. You will travel under guidance and accompaniment of VIP chauffeurs and certified Israeli tour guides.

Special Services

Special services are offered for transportation services in Israel to weddings, nights on the town and group events. There are also special services to Israel's border crossings with Egypt and Jordan, as well as airport shuttle services to Eilat.