Our services include transfers to/from
all Israeli airports, VIP services at
Ben-Gurion Airport, Israeli tours up to 6 persons.

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Israel Tours

About Israeli tours services

The Israel Tours are known all over the world because they involve discoveries of the wonderful facts about Christianity, Jewish culture and Israel. The Israeli tours services are there top ensure that you travel to wherever you want in the Israeli Territory very safely and comfortably all the time.  The transportation services in Israel are available for all visitors ranging from low cost to the VIP and luxurious 

The features of the Israeli tour services

The Israel tours are exciting; they will let you have an authentic restaurants visit while aboard the Mercedes Viano – the standard car for taxi services in Israel.  This car is nice-looking, powerful and elegant. The onboard equipments include large capacity for luggage, TV & Video & Multimedia & DVD, children's chairs, and Wi-Fi Internet (to ensure that you can browse any time you feel like). 

Why should you hire the Israeli tours service? 

The Israeli tours services are among the most reliable and convenient transportation services in Israel.  The Mercedes Viano which is used in offering the service can comfortably carry up to 6 people. The service is timely and offers service that has been given 5 stars rating by most people. Taxi services in Israel are regulated by the government to ensure that no visitor is over charged for any service. 

The Israeli tours services with certified tour guide 

Another great reason why you should hire the Israeli tours services is that can be with a registered and certified Israeli tour guide. The transportation services in Israel are of different level on which every visitor must enjoy to the maximum. 

Where can you get Israeli tours services? 

While in Israel you can get Israeli tours services and other transportation services in Israel in Eilat, Old Jerusalem, Mediterranean Coast, New Jerusalem, Bar/Bat mitzvah tour, Israel Christian Sites, Masada & Dead Sea, Israel Jewish Sites, Nazareth, Galilee, Tveria and other North sites.