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Ben-Gurion Airport, Israeli tours up to 6 persons.

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VIP airport Services

What are VIP airport services?

The VIP airport services in Israel are of a different genre and character from what you are offered at other airports across the world. It will include taxi services in Israel airport that will ensure that you are picked and taken to the place that you want safely and comfortably. The taxi services in Israel thus include organization of your safe transport to and from Israel

The options of Israel VIP airport services

There are two main options of Israel VIP airport services that you can choose as visitor. OPTION ONE you can choose service from the plane until the airport shuttle driver takes you to your destination while in OPTION TWO you can hire service from the destination port. The service can be offered by an orderly society in Airport.

Which is the best option of the VIP airport services?

The best choice of the transportation services in Israel is largely dependent on the amount of luggage that you have, your budget and the luxury that you need. Israel is a country this is not in very good relations with its neighbors so it takes matters of security very seriously. The Israel VIP airport service is intended to assist in the screening of your luggage and authenticating your identity.

The advantages of hiring Israel VIP airport services

The main advantage of hiring the VIP airport service in particular and the transportation services in Israel in general during your Israel tour is that you will greatly benefit from expedited procedures at the airport and thus saving way of hassle, time and situation of uncertainty. It will also ensure that you are cleared from the airport very easily to enter or leave Israel.

The Israel VIP airport services are easily customizable

The VIP and taxi services in Israel airport service can be customized according to customer's needs and include
  • Passport control,
  • security,
  • dignity, and
  • care check